Selected case studies from past client projects.

Image of banks

Strategic Decisioning for New Market Entry in the Banking and Finance Sector

A local bank is contemplating to expand its retail banking arm as one of its growth strategies, but is facing a conundrum. The bank would like to expand its operations to Kelantan, where it has currently no retail banking presence, but the decision between the senior management team is split in half. One half, led by the CEO of Islamic banking, supports the move, with the perspective that Kelantan—being a large, untapped market for the bank—is a logical choice for growth. The other half, led by the group CEO, is more cautious with the move, citing the bank’s stronger core competencies in non-Malay markets, as well as the associated flooding risks that came with the geography.

Market Assessment for Strategic Growth in the Construction Materials Sector

An established local fibre cement board manufacturing company is faced with the challenge of expanding its market share in Malaysia. Growth has plateaued in recent years, with the top two big players tussling and edging each other out for the slight majority share of the market from year-to-year. Both the head of marketing and the head of sales were tasked to find a solution to the market expansion challenge. Despite the various initiatives that have been implemented in the past, a consensus could not be reached on what the appropriate next steps should be.

Margarine on bread

Opportunity Assessment for Product Innovation in the FMCG Sector

An international fast moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) megabrand, which enjoys the largest share of the margarine market in Indonesia, was faced with an interesting idea for product innovation—creating a new SKU line of scooped margarines. While the practice is less common in Malaysia, scooping for margarine as well as other consumables, such as spices and coffee beans, are commonplace in Indonesia. Consumers typically shop for scooped margarine at wet markets, where margarines are scooped from 15kg blocks, but consumers are able to purchase them from wholesalers as well.