wss1 Baselining
Initial consultation session to set the groundwork for the workshop, including situational analysis of business contexts and challenges, strategic vision and goals.
wss2 Customer Targeting
Customer filtering and selection to establish the optimum combination of participants that would yield the information that are being sought after.
wss3 Instrument Development
Development of research instruments to collect the data that is required, which is dependent on the qualitative/quantitative nature of the data and implementation channel.
wss4 Location Selection
Feasibility assessment of workshop location to maximize participant turnout within research budget requirements.
wss5 Workshop Organization
Involving all activities related to the hosting of the workshop, including participant invitations, information dissemination, and hosting of the actual research workshop.
wss6 Data Collection and Analysis
Collection, cleaning, and analysis of the data captured from instruments in preparation for the reporting stage.
wss7 Reporting
Preparation of research report to present findings to stakeholders and to serve as strategic inputs for action plans.