Eigis Consulting provides bespoke business research services to business organizations in Malaysia. We help business organizations who may not have the experience, expertise, or resources to carry out effective business research activities, aimed at tackling diverse business questions within the organization.

Why Business Research?

icons8-brainstorm-skill-96.png For knowledge purposes. Business research is conducted to expand the organization’s knowledge base.
icons8-detective-96.png For investigative purposes. Business research is conducted to investigate underlying causes and patterns.
icons8-test-passed-96.png For due diligence purposes. Business research is conducted to verify information in hand.
icons8-binoculars-96.png For discovery purposes. Business research is conducted to discover new business opportunities.
icons8-strategy-news-96.png For strategy purposes. Business research is conducted to strengthen strategic planning and decision-making.

The Business Research Process

Step 1


Situational Analysis

Step 2.png

Identifying Business

Decision Problem

Step 3.png

Establishing Business

Research Problem

Step 4.png


Research Approach

Step 5.png


Research Design

Step 6


Secondary Research

Step 7.png

Identifying Primary

Research Targets

Step 8

Executing Primary

Research Fieldwork

Step 9


Statistical Analysis

Step 10

Generating Insights

from Data

Step 11


Research Findings

Step 12

Structuring an

Action Plan

What is Bespoke Business Research?

Bespoke business research discover answers to unique business questions that may be too specific and small in scope for mass market business research to solve.

There are several advantages to bespoke business research over mass market business research.


Customization of business research to the business question at hand.


Greater control over the deliverables and outcomes of business research.


Openness to innovative business research approaches and designs.


Higher flexibility compared to mass market business research.


Maximization of every research dollar spent.


Accessible to businesses of all sizes, not just large multinational companies.

Business Applications

Various applications for business research

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The Eigis Workshop Solution

Research solution for B2B sales growth

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