Ask any chief executive or business owner today to list the top three things they believe are key today to keep their organizations on pace with the changes in technology and consumer behaviors, and you’ll be surprised if “learning” was not listed in one form or another. It is critical to realize that the learning organization paradigm stretches far beyond simply having a vision, and is not an inherently self-generating state; in fact, as organizations grow, they tend to fall deeper into status quo as structure and routine replace learning and adaptation. One of the most important characteristics a learning organization should have is to be habitually open to ideas, including counter-intuitive ones, and experiment them to see if they generate value. It is an easy enough statement to say; but what if the idea was an unlimited vacation policy?—Harvard Business Review.

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Sometimes, the Best Ideas Come from Counter-Intuitive Decisions, Provided that You are Willing to Consider Them.

An unlimited vacation policy is not the point here. The point is, however, to challenge yourself and your organization to learn and effect change in areas of your business that have stagnated by challenging previously held beliefs—flexible working hours and arrangements are two pertinent examples for most Malaysian SMEs. Indeed, technology has enabled many possibilities that were previously unattainable. And if an organization has managed to make unlimited vacation time work, there should be very few things left that ought to make you jump out of your seat.

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